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Astonishing city of Narva and eastern part of Estonia

AThis day will be full of exciting contrasts. Mostly known as industrial region East-Estonia surprises with its magnificent nature. We will visit the highest waterfall of Estonia Valaste juga, and look down from the highest limestone-cliff. The highlight of this tour is Narva and its Fortress. Wide and beautiful Narva river marks the border between Estonia and Russia. On our way back we will visit the former underground oil shale mine, which has been rebuilt to the museum. An authentic miners lunch will be served underground.



Interesting visit to former closed soviet area. It was a garrison-town, where training base for marines and atomic submarines was located, as well as nuclear power plant with two reactors. Both of them have been dismantled at the end of the Soviet period. During this time no common people were allowed to enter Paldiski. It was a closed military zone. When the Russian troops left, they destroyed most of the buildings and infrastructure. Nowadays is Paldiski a developing harbour-city. Paldiski passenger- and cargo-port is now a biggest employer in town. This tour gives us an overview of Soviet destruction, side by side with magnificent nature preserve Pakri peninsula and limestone cliff.

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